Workshop on Ion Exchange Membranes for Energy Applications - EMEA2015

22 - 24 June 2015 in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany)


Experts from industry, research and development got together for the third time in Bad Zwischahn in Northern Germany to exchange their know-how referring to the latest developments in ion exchange membrane materials and electrocatalysts for system integration.

The two-day workshop EMEA 2015, as a sequel to the KORANET-Workshops in 2013 and 2014, started on the eve of the conference with a reception and a welcoming speech by the deputy mayor of Bad Zwischenahn.

60 participants from eighteen nations met to follow 22 talks and used this platform for discussions and networking.

EMEA 2016 will take place from 27-29 June 2016.

Further information on the workshop program, fees and registration will be updated soon here.



Monday June 22nd

20:00 | Get-together
Welcoming Speech by Dr. Arno Schilling (Mayor of Bad Zwischenahn)

Tuesday June 23rd

8:30 | Reception
9:00 | Welcome
9:15 | Session 1

Dr. habil. Klaus-Dieter Kreuer (MPI for Solid State Research, Germany)
Dr. Takenori Isomura (Tokuyama Corp., Japan)

Poster presentation

10:45 | Session 2

Dr. Dario Dekel (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
Prof. Steven Holdcroft (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Prof. Patric Jannasch (Lund University, Sweden)

12:05 | Lunch
13:35 | Guided tour through the NEXT ENERGY laboratories
15:35 | Session 3

Prof. Ulrike Krewer (Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany)
Dr. Hans Aage Hjuler
(Danish Power Systems Ltd., Denmark)

Poster presentation

17:05 | Session 4

Dr. Barr Halevi (Pajarito Powder LLC, USA)
Prof. Stephen Lyth (Kyushu University, Japan)
Dr. Martijn Mulder (HyET Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies B.V., Netherlands)

19:00 | Conference Dinner

Wednesday June 24th

9:00 | Session 5

Jaromír Hnát (Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic)
Prof. Andrew Herring (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
Prof. Kenji Miyatake (University of Yamanashi, Japan)

Poster presentation
11:00 | Panel Discussion

Introductory Talk:
Paolo Bert (Acta S.p.A., Italy)

Dr. Alexander Dyck (NEXT ENERGY, Germany)

Dr. Bernd Bauer (FuMA-Tech GmbH, Germany)
Paolo Bert (Acta S.p.A., Italy)
Prof. Steven Holdcroft (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Dr. Barr Halevi (Pajarito Powder LLC, USA)
Prof. John Varcoe (University of Surrey, UK)

| Lunch
13:30 | Session 6

Dr. Jochen Kerres
(University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Prof. Feng Yan (Soochow University, China)
Dr. Christina Morfopoulou (FuMA-Tech GmbH, Germany)

Poster presentation
15:30 | Session 7

Prof. John Varcoe
(University of Surrey, UK)
Prof. Yan Xiang (Beihang University, China)

Session 8

Prof. Artur Michalak (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland)
Dr. Francisco Javier Pinar Pérez
(NEXT ENERGY, Germany)
Dr. Dirk Henkensmeier
(Korea Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)

| Closing Words
18:00 | Guided City Tour

Group picture of the participants of the EMEA 2015 Workshop on Ion Exchange Membranes for Energy Applications


The Workshop on Ion Exchange Membrane Applications is organized by NEXT ENERGY · EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology (Germany), in cooperation with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST, South Korea) and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland).

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