Our current energy system is in transition. Energy generation systems which were once centralised and fossil fuel based are being increasingly replaced by decentralised systems using renewable sources of energy. As part of this transformation, new structures are emerging which exhibit complex interdependencies and have deep implications extending to the technical, ecological, economic and sociological level.

The Energy System Analysis Division aims at creating new knowledge on the complex energy systems correlations for process optimisation and provides the suitable tools for examining and evaluating energy technologies and systems. We are able to carry out detailed analyses on the electricity system at a national and international level using in-house power grid structure models, which have been rigorously developed in accordance with open-source and open-data principles.

We pursue an interdisciplinary approach in modelling energy systems and assessing different technologies in our research groups. We are available as a partner with a high level of expertise on the development of energy system models, optimisation of electricity systems, as well as techno-economic and ecological evaluation of energy technologies and systems.

Our Research Topics in the Division Energy System Analysis

Research projects:

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Dr Thomas Vogt,
Head of Division
Energy System Analysis