Research Topic System Modelling

In the System Modelling research group, we characterise and model energy systems as well as the systemic effects of using flexibility options in different contexts, from the regional to the European level. To achieve this, we use mathematical models and develop systematic solutions taking into account the complex interdependencies and economic aspects to help with shaping and developing the energy systems of the future.

One focus of our research is on the development of topological grid models for the maximum and high-voltage levels which we use among other things in the scientific analysis and assessment of national and European network infrastructures in order to determine the optimum expansion of power grid and storage systems while taking market restrictions into account. We also use our knowledge and expertise in evaluating expansion strategies for renewable energies.

Ein Hochspannungsmasten für Strom vor blauem Himmel und Sonnenstrahlen

We offer:

  • Model and algorithm development (e.g. Python, Matlab, GIS)
  • Determination of wind and solar potentials
  • (Geo-)data processing and analysis
  • Mathematical optimisation
  • (Optimum) load flow calculations on complex networks
  • Scientific and economic evaluation of modelling results

Dr Wided Medjroubi,
Comm. R&D Manager
System Modelling