Certificate of Advanced Studies – „Distributed Electrical Energy Storage Systems“

Efficient supply of renewable energies needs innovative systems for grid integration and off-grid solutions. One central response to these challenges is distributed electrical energy storage offering a flexibility of generation, supply and demand. Storage capacities are also capable of taking over network services and compensating for investments in network stability and network expansions.

The complex tasks involved in developing, planning and managing the operations of distributed storage systems require a multidisciplinary understanding of the relevant technological, systemic and economic demands. These skills are adressed in our extra occupational ceritifcate „Distributed Electrical Energy Storage“. It is offered in two online modules. Each module is awarded with 6 ECTS and has a workload of about 180 hours. Both modules combined result in a Certificate of Advanced Studies.

The certificate is designed for professionals and executives, students and graduates or experienced professionals with a background in energy storage.

It is also an opportunity for organisations, utilities, or companies in private or public sector to offer tailored qualification for their employees.

The certificate is application oriented and focusses on technological principles of storage and grid systems, implementation models and economical aspects of distributed electrical energy storage.

You will be able to:

  • understand the fundamental technologies of electrical energy storage and its practical use
  • evaluate characteristics of storage solutions
  • manage load and charging of storage systems
  • evaluate storage systems, considering the economic and regulatory frameworks
  • have a deeper understanding of energy markets
  • analyse innovative systemic solutions for integration of distributed storage

The certificate’s objective is a multidisciplinary qualification to cover the relevant technical, ecological and economic aspects for the grid implementation and applications of distributed electrical energy storage devices.

The modules design is based on high support for self-studies and implemented communication or work via a learning environment with comprehensive features.

  • material is provided via online learning platform
  • self-studies are mixed with online group work
  • online discussions with experts
  • individual feedback from mentors & lecturers
  • final presentation via web conferences or in written form

Supported self-study phases completed by exercises on actual topics requiring active learning such as research, comments, statements and term papers.

  • topics of current developments in exercises
  • exercises requires research and forum work
  • forum discussions in groups or courses
  • in-depth learning in online group work
  • problem-oriented learning on case studies in content topics of personal interest
  • Central storage solutions
  • Transformation of the grid due to increasing influx of renewable energy
  • Operating principles of electrochemical battery types
  • Management of supply and demand
  • Measurement methods for the determination of relevant characteristics of battery storage units
  • Important aspects of operational management
  • Special characteristics of the energy market
  • Framework conditions of the energy trade
  • Application-oriented technological and systemic integration of storage units into the energy system
  • Applying case analysis to various practical scenarios

Study Form
Certificate of Advanced Studies (equivalent to 12 ECTS)
Tuition Fees
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More Information
The programme will be part in the REO project of the University of Oldenburg


Coordination & Contact

In case of any questions, I will be glad to help. You can contact me via phone or e-Mail or arrange a personal meeting.

Thomas Poppinga
Study Programme Manager
Certifcate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
„Distributed Electrical Energy Storage“

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